Voluntary N95 Distribution

On June 17, the Occupational Health and Safety Board approved amendments to the Emergency Temporary Standards (ETS) for COVID-19 prevention. The new language states:

Upon request, employers shall provide respirators for voluntary use in compliance with subsection 5144(c)(2) to all employees who are not fully vaccinated and who are working indoors or in vehicles with more than one person.

The State of California is providing a one-month supply of N95 respirators to businesses for unvaccinated employees to adjust to the new ETS language. We have partnered with the Small Business Regional Network, local chambers of commerce, local government, trade associations, and labor federations to distribute the supply. Please contact one of these distribution partners for more information.

If you are a business organization that would like to participate in this program, please email contributions@caloes.ca.gov for more information.

For larger orders, please go to GovDeals.





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